The evening feast will be limited to 80, and, in the spirit of the event, will be planned and cooked as a collaborative class, under the management of Baroness Anastasia Guta. We encourage anyone, at any level of experience, who would like to be involved in the process of researching, planning, and/or cooking this midwinter feast to visit us at http://afairefeastinmidwinter.blogspot.com to learn more about how to be part of this collaborative process. Feast is $12 and reservations are strongly recommended.


A Dayboard of seasonal foods, both hot and cold will be served throughout the day, prepared by Lady Zsuzsy. As with the feast, the Dayboard will also be made available as an interactive “class”, class size is limited to 6 persons, handouts will be given, attendees are requested to wear kitchen appropriate garb/clothing, and must have close toe shoes on. Class will center on logistics, food saftey concerns, and budgeting. The dayboard will be available to attendee for a fee of $3, reservations are greatly appreciated


4 thoughts on “Feast/Dayboard

    • Sadly, feast is already sold out, but there will be a waiting list at gate to fill any spots that become available. I am told that there is plenty of room on the day board, though. I don’t know who is taking reservations, but I will find out and get back to you.

  1. Cathy Silverman says:

    Thanks for letting us know about feast and day board. I’m a little sad to not have been more on the ball about making our reservation s for feast. Will try the day of to see if some people cancel. Maybe we will get lucky! Thanks for the help!

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